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Covid-19 Coronavirus Disinfection New Jersey
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New Jersey Infectious Disease Cleaning & Dissinfection Services

TRXProvides Infectious disease disinfection cleanup services in New Jersey. By using the latest in EPA approved protocols in infectious disease disinfection, our expert team will disinfect your home or business efficiently and safely.


TRX employs an innovative disinfection cleaning treatment system designed to safely remove unwanted pathogens and germs from your home or office. We leave no room for error by employing state of the art delivery systems and industry leading EPA approved products. Our infectious disease disinfection cleaning in New Jersey is a cost-effective solution for efficient, comprehensive treatment that is designed to help keep facilities healthier while saving them time, money and labor.


House Cleaning and Sanitizing Services in New Jersey

TRX is an expert at house cleaning and sanitizing services in New Jersey. When New Jersey residents, offices, and educational facilities make the decision to hire TRX Restoration it shows the client is going the extra mile in the fight against infectious diseases. By hiring TRX our clients are adding an extra layer of protection in their quest to sanitize and clean their home. For fast and effective cleaning and sanitizing in New Jersey give TRX a call. Ur expertly trained technicians will discuss multiple sanitizing options and answer your questions.

Infectious Disease Services in New Jersey

2020 Corona Virus Recovery – There when it counts the most.

The team at TRX is an expert at disaster recovery. Our team has been mobilized to work with the New Jersey Community during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak.

We have called in additional resources which includes technicians and equipment to meet the expected demand in disinfectant and biohazard cleaning services in new Jersey.

We will maintain operations and work with local officials to ensure that our services are available to all New Jersey residents.

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Disinfection and Cleaning Tips

General Tips: Safety and Efficiency Wear gloves and face protection while cleaning. During this time it is easy to over use chemicals and accidentally expose oneself or a family member.  Less is more.  A huge misconception is that adding more chemicals to an area will disinfect it better.  This is dangerous and wasteful.  read the label. …

How Expensive is Mold Remediation

Mold Testing: how expensive is it? If you can see signs of mold or some fungal growth at your home or office then chances are you do not need special testing.  Most testing for mold only determines that some fungal growth is present.  Testing will not determine the type of mold.  As a general industry …


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Disinfection Cleaning & Infectious Disease Services

New Jersey Disinfection services and sanitization cleaning have multiple options in New Jersey. Each situation is different and requires a unique approach. We provide a full range of cleaning and disinfection services in New Jersey to industrial and commercial clients in the New Jersey Community.

  • Initial Bulk Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Employee Education on Awareness
  • Infectious Disease Disinfection
  • On-Going Maintenance for Corona Virus
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Residential and Institutional Sanitization
  • 24/7 Service in New Jersey

What to Expect from TRX

  • Dedicated service to your home or business.

  • 24/ Catastrophe Response team during disasters and emergencies.

  • Expert level trained personnel

  • Results driven service backed by years of experience.

  • Discreteness and empathy

  • Local service provider rooted in our community.



How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

General Disinfecting & Cleaning TIPS

Households should practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics (see below for special electronics cleaning and disinfection instructions)) with household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants It is extremely important that people follow the label instructions!  We can not stress this enough.  One of the golden rules used by professionals who apply chemicals in homes and business across the world ( restorative cleaning, pest control, restoration contractors, etc) is that the label is the law.  If you look on the back of any chemical product in your home, you will undoubtedly see the words “It is unlawful to use this product inconsistent with the label instructions”. Labels contain clear instructions for safe and effective use of the product that outline where to use it, how much to use, and what steps tp take in order to ensure it is safe and effective. Labels contain safety information, areas where to apply and where not to apply, and mixing ratios, as well as dwell times. As a professional with over 10+ years of experience in performing every kind of cleanup and extermination imaginable, I can not tell you the number of times when people had not followed the labeling, either by carelessness or by design.  These mistakes often can and do lead to inappropriate use of the product which could render it useless and ineffective or dangerous for both the applicator and the customer.
For professional disinfection services for your home or business do not hesitate to call us today.  We are an ESSENTIAL SERVICES company and are operating night and day during this time to assist our friends and neighbors.

Claims Experts

TRX Restoration is a boutique insurance claims restoration company providing services in water, fire, flood, biohazard cleanup and remediation. Our goal is to efficiently help clients navigate through the insurance restoration claims process.  We make the claims process easier through our RestoreIQ claims process.  Utilizing cameras and software to track your claim, leading equipment to provide structural repairs, and a dedicated one on one approach.


TRX Pro Contractor Program

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Customer Testimonials

“I just would like to say how great a job the technician did. He was courteous,efficient, clean and very helpful. All of your technician are excellent and he is justanother example of why I come back over and over again to your company when I need workdo”

- Fatin Alan

“I called TRX and was able to get them to come out immediately at no additional charge,and they quoted me a price. Larry was my plumber, and let me say that he was great!”

- Peter Preston

“I have had magnificent service from a great plumbing expert. Thank goodness I now know TRXand the experience of fast action in response to my call for help and exquisite repair ofthe great problem in my house.”

- Margaryta Rakul

“The service I received was great. It was a Sunday afternoon and the technician dideverything that he could to try and help out. Excellent customer service skills andknowledge of different services! It’s rare that you see someone come out to your home on”

- Alexey Koshi

“ The service I received was great. It was a Sunday afternoon and the technician dideverything that he could to try and help out. Excellent customer service skills andknowledge of different services! It’s rare that you see someone come out to your home on’’

- Nills Watson

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