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TRX Claims Advantage – Cash in with the King! 

Every service call has damage or may have damage in the near future that earns you money.  10 Signs of a covered claim on every job turns into value for your clients and you!

Example:  $1,000 per week by making smart decisions. Every 3rd service call you make could be a claim for TRX.

3 Claims a week X $1,000 each = $3,000 per week by making smart decisions. 

Provide your clients tremendous value with the best service possible. Expand and grow your business with a team of like minded professionals. Our Team is gearing up for 2021!


Water Damage Repair New Jersey


Water Damage Repair & Flood Clean-Up
Flood Clean-Up New Jersey
Water Damage Repair NJ and NY

We Handle you Demolition and Cleanup

We will perform your Demolition and Breakout and bill the client’s homeowner’s insurance directly. Onc the claim is initiated we perform the heavy lifting. No more messy job sites, hours spent on debris and gunk removal. TRX will perform the heavy lifting.

We handle your Appliance Removal & Delivery

Heavy Broken Water Heater, tubs, sinks, kitchens, tile – Our team will cleanup the mess, remove the debris, and bring in the new appliance for you.  All you have to worry about is your job!

Mold & Asbestos Testing We provide FREE mold, lead, and Asbestos testing before any demolition takes place. Health and safety is our number one priority. Don’t expose your technicians and your clients to harmful substance.

HEPA Vacuuming & Cleanup We perform thorough HEPA vacuuming and cleanup on all approved claims. Leave your client’s house cleaner than when you found it.

Get Paid CASH for every Claim We pay out cash money directly to your for every signed claim. TRX will pay you within 24 hours of signing the job. No delays.

serve you and your family when it counts the most. with a dedicated team of plumbing and drain repair professionals.  Our New Jersey Plumbing repair services are available to residential and commercial clients..  Call to speak about your plumbing repair needs today.



Water Damage Repair & Flood Clean-Up NJ and NY
Water Damage Cleanup in NY and NJ
Water Damage Restoration New York


TRX Restoration PRO PROGRAM provides high value growth to your business! Think of the tremendous value our service could provide your clients!  Growing a business is about word of mouth.  Increase your brand by  providing value to your clients. Word of mouth referrals are what brands thrive on. Get your client the new kitchen or bathroom she deserves. Bring TRX on the job today !