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Water Damage Repair New Jersey

Spend more time servicing calls not tearing out drywall and kitchens

Fast and professional demolition and removal of cabinetry and fixtures are critical for a high-profit successful plumbing business. Let’s face it; owner-to-owner, this creates difficulty for plumbers; too much labor consumption, not enough manpower, clients not wanting to deal with cosmetic repairs, the job becoming too big too fast, and just being busy with actual paying plumbing jobs. I don’t blame you; who wants to be busy with drywall tear-outs that leave a mess and angry clients when you could service 2 more jobs that day?  You have a plumbing business to run we get it. A key to succeeding in business is spending your resources on the most profitable activities.

So do you want to

A lot of the repair work needed after plumbing repairs is covered by their homeowners insurance. The repaur  to damage on everyday plumbing jobs is  insurance pay for the repair including drywall repair and painting.

Once the small damage is done or worse even not addresed the homeowner may loose their ability to file a claim. TRX performs free on-site damage asessement to determine if there is a covered insurance claim. We will perform your Demolition and Breakout and bill the client’s homeowner’s insurance directly. Onc the claim is initiated we perform the heavy lifting. No more messy job sites, hours spent on debris and gunk removal. TRX will perform the heavy lifting.

We handle your Appliance Removal & Delivery

Heavy Broken Water Heater, tubs, sinks, kitchens, tile – Our team will cleanup the mess, remove the debris, and bring in the new appliance for you.  All you have to worry about is your job!

Mold & Asbestos Testing We provide FREE mold, lead, and Asbestos testing before any demolition takes place. Health and safety is our number one priority. Don’t expose your technicians and your clients to harmful substance.

HEPA Vacuuming & Cleanup We perform thorough HEPA vacuuming and cleanup on all approved claims. Leave your client’s house cleaner than when you found it.

Get Paid CASH for every Claim We pay out cash money directly to your for every signed claim. TRX will pay you within 24 hours of signing the job. No delays.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

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General Disinfecting & Cleaning TIPS

Households should practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics (see below for special electronics cleaning and disinfection instructions)) with household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants

It is extremely important that people follow the label instructions!  We can not stress this enough.  One of the golden rules used by professionals who apply chemicals in homes and business across the world ( restorative cleaning, pest control, restoration contractors, etc) is that the label is the law.  If you look on the back of any chemical product in your home, you will undoubtedly see the words “It is unlawful to use this product inconsistent with the label instructions”.

Labels contain clear instructions for safe and effective use of the product that outline where to use it, how much to use, and what steps tp take in order to ensure it is safe and effective. Labels contain safety information, areas where to apply and where not to apply, and mixing ratios, as well as dwell times.

As a professional with over 10+ years of experience in performing every kind of cleanup and extermination imaginable, I can not tell you the number of times when people had not followed the labeling, either by carelessness or by design.  These mistakes often can and do lead to inappropriate use of the product which could render it useless and ineffective or dangerous for both the applicator and the customer.

For professional disinfection services for your home or business do not hesitate to call us today.  We are an ESSENTIAL SERVICES company and are operating night and day during this time to assist our friends and neighbors.

Claims Experts

TRX Restoration is a boutique insurance claims restoration company providing services in water, fire, flood, biohazard cleanup and remediation. Our goal is to efficiently help clients navigate through the insurance restoration claims process.  We make the claims process easier through our RestoreIQ claims process.  Utilizing cameras and software to track your claim, leading equipment to provide structural repairs, and a dedicated one on one approach.